Audio Books On The Web

by ryan on January 2, 2017

Audio Books On The Web


Internet has made a lot of things easier for us. One of such things is reading books. Audio books on the web have really revolutionized the way people read books nowadays. Gone are the days when people had to wait for months to get a newly released book. Now you can get the book not only on the day of its release but also without the need to even walk to your doorstep. But there are also some people who have inhibitions for this form of reading.

So let’s take a quick sneak peek at both the pros as well as cons of this form of new reading.

The Pro’s Audio books downloaded from the net can be easily converted into any format according to your convenience. You can use it as a CD so that you can listen to it while traveling in a car or can also convert it to MP3 format to fit in your Ipod so that you can listen to it while traveling in public transport.

Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

Books that can be downloaded from the Internet also sometimes come in the format of WMA and MP3. These formats occupy very little space whether in a computer or Ipod. So the magnitude of your collection will be much larger. The only cost that you need to pay here is that of Internet Connection. There is virtually no cost involved in audiobooks downloaded from the Internet.

Another benefit of audio books is that it can inculcate reading habit not only to you but also to your family. You can have easy access to all children audio books, knowledge audio and business audio books.

Audio books can also make some of the mundane activities of life more entertaining. Take for instance driving. This is one of the things that you do everyday, so playing audio book while driving will not only make the journey interesting but will also add to your knowledge.

Another benefit of download-able books is their instant availability. To get access to a newly released book you always have to wait for a few days. But audio books downloaded from the web give you instant accessibility. You can read them as soon as you finish downloading.

The Cons Every coin has a head and tail or in other words everything in this world has some good aspect and some bad aspects. Likewise Download-able audio books also have certain disadvantages. The first disadvantage is related to Internet itself. Bandwidth problems usually arise while downloading. This is because of the fact that except the WMA and MP3 files, files for audio books are very large. There are cases when even 6 hours are not enough to download the file. People who have dial up connections are bound to suffer more than those who have DSL or cable connections.

Secondly new users can face a lot of problems while downloading, formatting, installing or copying audio books. Not all people are tech savvy and they can face a lot of problem doing this. Instead of Audio Books on the Web audio books for sale or audio book rental available in traditional book stores is a much viable option for such people.

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