Carry Your Favorite Book On MP3

by ryan on January 20, 2017

Carry Your Favorite Book On MP3


Modern technology has allowed that we further broaden the way we read books. One of the most significant inventions in the world of books is of the audio books. Audio books come in different formats. Book on MP3, cassettes, and many other audio files are available today.

Audio books in MP3 formats have many more advantages when compared to the traditional books. The first advantage is that they are much smaller and lighter when compared to paper books. To convert one book into cassette form you need at least 10 to 20 cassettes. But in your MP3 player you can carry more than one book.

Secondly the comfort level of books in MP3 format is much more than the traditional books. But there is one disadvantage that you have to encounter. Every time you stop reading, you need to start afresh.

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Thirdly audio books in MP3 formats are the cheapest forms of books. All audio books fiction, children and all other genres, practically come to you at lesser price. Even the books that are available in cassettes format are more expensive than MP3 books.

However audio books particularly the new releases are very costly. But for all those who do not want to spend at all, thousands of free audio books for download are also available on the Internet.

After this comes the copying of audio books on an MP3 Player. This is a complex process and should be done with considerable care. First you need to either download or copy the audio book to your laptop or computer. After this you should plug a USB cable to both the computer and the MP3 player. Generally all MP3’s come with a USB cable. As soon as you connect the USB cable there will be a message in the computer that a new hardware has been found.

After this open Windows Media Player, then copy the audio book to the Sync List option in the Windows Media Player. After this, clicking on the Sync Tab will open a pull down arrow on the left hand side of the Sync Tab. Here you need to select the Removable Disk (E) as the option where you want to transfer the audio book to. After this an option Start Sync will appear, click this and the audio book will be copied to your MP3 player. Remember to verify whether the whole audio book has been completely copied to your MP3 player or not.

There are also some things you must care about before switching on to MP3 audio books. First make sure that the volume of the MP3 player is a good one. Make sure that no unpleasant sound is there, otherwise the whole experience of audio books will be a bad one. Secondly, make sure that there is enough space in your player so that you can hold two or more book on MP3 player. Truly, audio books online have made it much convenient for people to carry more than one book at a time.

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