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by ryan on January 30, 2017

Audio Books CD


Audio books (audible books) have rightly come as one of the interesting developments of modern life. You do not have to spend hours reading a book with them. You can use them almost anywhere, say while traveling or also while working on the computer. Online hundreds of free audio books are available. Almost all genres of audiobooks to download are available. You just have to download your favorite books and then create copies on CDs. You can easily exchange audio books CD with your friends thus.

These are indeed the best forms of books to lend to your friend. Most often when you lend a book to somebody it comes back to you in a distorted condition. And this always bugs. You are bound to lend books because of your friendship and also in expectation of a good book in return. But with audio books in CDs you do not face this kind of problem and thus can exchange as many CDs you like without any worry.

The best format in Audio books is MP3 followed by CD format. But one disadvantage of MP3 files is that they are often copyrighted and you can hear them only in your computer system or in your personal media device. But it is not so in the case of CDs as you can simply burn them and create many copies. Audio books in CD format are perfect for the travelers. They can take a whole book and that too without occupying much space. In fact audio books in CD format are best for gifts as well.

Books On CDs

Having audio book CDs also gives you immense freedom. You can listen to your favorite book anywhere and also simultaneously do other works. You just need a portable CD player and all those long boring moments can really become useful for you. For those who commute by cars, nothing can be more useful than a good audio book CD. They can listen to it while driving to the office, to a local grocery store, virtually every time they feel like listening.

Another advantage of CD files is that they are much more secure in the sense that you always have a hard copy of your CD. You can keep them in your library and thus prevent any type of problems.

In the face of competition from these digital audio books the cassette tapes are gradually becoming obsolete. More and more people are switching over to CD and MP3 audio books. All types of audio books ranging from kids audio books to even the business audio books are available.

CDs are also helpful in the sense that they do not occupy much space in your house unlike the books and also it is very easy to find the audio books CD. So if you are still stuck with the audio book cassette tape format you just switch over to a CD format.

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