Harry Potter Audio Books For Your Child

by ryan on December 30, 2016

Are You Looking For Harry Potter Audio Books For Your Child?


Harry Potter is a famous series of books for children by the author J.K. Rowling. This series is in fact one of the largest selling books around the world. All the more the Harry Potter craze has also hit the childrens audio books world. Harry Potter audio books are available in various formats – audio books on CD, downloadable audio books, and books on tape.

But as a parent you need to check every audio book that your child reads. Here are some of the pros and cons of Harry Potter audio books that will further help you decide whether the book is appropriate for your child or not.

Undoubtedly this series of audio books makes for excellent educational activity. They are very much liked by children who are still very young and even teens and adults are fond of them. Children who suffer from some kind of disability such as dyslexia also enjoy them.

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Being fantasy audio books, Harry Potter audios will make your child glued to the subject and in the long run imbibe in him reading habits. In fact there is one notable instance wherein one mother made her child listen to only one chapter. But the child got so involved in the book content that he had no other option but to read the whole book. It is the perfect formula to solve the problem of many parents who try so many things to cultivate the habit of reading in their kids. Thus kids audio books are good to start with and will surely benefit your kid in the long run.

Effective way to teach kids

Audio books are always considered as an easy and effective way to teach kids proper pronunciation and also speaking techniques. The same applies to audio fiction books from Harry Potter also.

As audio books can be used by your kids anytime, they keep them busy for hours, that too in a rich activity. While traveling in car, before sleeping, in parks or anywhere, your kid would be with the book.

Many children today love to play either video games or the television. These activities do more harm than good. Spending long hours in front of the TV or computer may harm the eyes or vision of your child severely. Also outdoor games get restricted because of this. So, cultivating habit of sticking to audio books in your child is far better than TV programs or video games.

But as many chapters in Harry Potter series contain a lot of violence your very young child may get scared. If disability of the child is affected by this, you need to avoid this series of audio books. Audio books in this case can cause harm to your child.

Also, too much listening of audio books can act as a shortcut to reading books. But again all this would depend on lot of other factors scuh as child’s attitude, interest, education and supervision of the parents. That is, getting Harry Potter audio books for your child is not a bad idea.

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