Kitchen Pantry Designs

by ryan on May 23, 2017

It seems that pantries are becoming popular again. They had somewhat fallen out of favor for a while, but many remodeled kitchens these days make a provision for some sort of kitchen pantry design.

The team over at Kitchen Contractors knows that a A true pantry is in a separate room from the kitchen. They make sense for people that do a lot of shopping at warehouse clubs and similar places. Conversely, someone who lives in the city and eats home cooking only occasionally would be ill-advised in designing a separate pantry. Naturally, the pantry room should be located directly off the kitchen. You dont want to be walking halfway across your house for a can of peas. Make sure the room has adequate lighting and sufficient electrical outlets. You may want to consider keeping a microwave and a freezer there. When designing this type of pantry, try and match the method of storage to the items to be stored. Regular shelves work well for cans, boxes, jars and bottles, while drawers or stackable bins function better for bagged items.

Kitchen Pantry Designs


There are many innovative items that can help with storage in the pantry, such as sliding baskets (sort of like basket drawers) that clip to a shelf and allow storage in what may well be wasted space. Once again, these baskets work better for bagged items unless you insert some sort of solid surface to cover the bottom. There are also a number of other items that can turn one shelf into two so the space can be utilized to store smaller items without wasting space, and various innovations that allow corner space to be productively used.

These days, the most popular type of pantry is not the traditional separate room, but a tall 24 inch deep cabinet with sliding shelves/drawers that extend fully and allow access from both sides. Sometimes the door swings open normally to expose the drawers, which are pulled out separately, while another design has the drawers/shelves attached to the door, which is slid open and allows access to all shelves at once. This is the type of pantry that most new or remodeled kitchens are fitted with.

Additionally, there are many different types of accessories that can be used to improve storage in the pantry or to allow regular kitchen cabinets to function in a pantry-type capacity. Among these are swing out systems designed to fit in deep corner cabinets that have two sets of moveable shelves. One set of shelves pulls out with the door, and then you can reach in and slide the others out. let Kitchen Contractors design and install these for you for best results. There are various types of wire basket systems that can be installed into regular kitchen cabinets and provide a pantry function. Also available are storage racks that hang on walls or on the back of an otherwise unused cabinet door.

So when it comes to being your own kitchen pantry designer, there are numerous options available to you, and one or more of them should be applicable to your kitchens layout, usually without entailing any major construction.

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