Labor Relations and Time Management Software

by ryan on January 15, 2017

Labor Relations and Time Management Software



Employee attendance and time management software can be of immense value especially in issues like employee/labor relations. Everyone is susceptible to commit mistakes. But not al mistakes are pardonable, even if they are unintentional.

Many a times the person who has committed the fault has to prove that the error was not at intended to cheat anyone. No employee would ever wish to get accused of manipulating his/her timecard. As an employer, will you like to get into discipline invigilation? As a union member, would you wish to arbitrate this issue? Employee attendance and time management software will definitely make all these a non issue and establish strong employee-labor relations.

The legal definition of ‘labor dispute’ is any controversy concerning term, tenure or conditions of employment. The key word her is controversy: a fundamental difference of opinion between two parties. No employee or employer wants to be mingled up with these issues. So, it’s high time you adopted the time management software.


The disputes between employee and management can get highly complicated. And there is nothing worse if the dispute is a result of difference in the actual working hours due to some manual mistake while entering the work hours.

Attendance and time management software (you can even find a time management course CD or DVD) would certainly root out this problem before it assumes the proportion of a labor dispute and throws the entire business out of gear. To solve this, the union has to intervene and the management has to appoint a representative to meet the union. In the end, everyone is stressed out.

The process for resolving the dispute is highly complex maze of various phases of grievance stages. It requires formulating highly detailed written reports that the management need to review and respond. The response in turn is reviewed by union and then the parties might arrive at a compromise formula. If not possible this way, an arbitration process would begin. Every phase thus will cost the organization as well as employees and the root cause is not using an automated attendance and time management software system.

Avoid these unnecessary complications. Look around for a good software program that will be of advantage to every stakeholder in the organization, right from the highest to the lowest level.

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