Personal Time Management for Mothers

by ryan on January 8, 2017

Personal Time Management for Mothers


I am pretty much certain that you have faced a situation like this. You have a large family. Each person has something to do after school and each have different choices. So you assume the roles of a driver, manager and provider all at the same time. You kid’s friends need to be picked up for soccer practice, besides you have to do housecleaning, chores to perform and appointments to follow. Your life is busy and you can’s escape from it. But there is a solution.

Use personal time management for effectively utilizing your day.

You are not left with much time if you are among those I mentioned above. You must be confused about how to achieve all this. We certainly can’t change the number of hours in a day, but can surely use effective personal time management tricks to manage day in a better manner. There by you can lead a relaxed life and yet be able to achieve the same results. First step you have to take is evaluate your daily life. Identify the activities in your daily routine that take up a lot of time and try to figure an alternative to reduce time for accomplishing those tasks.

One method to save time is to arrange for pick up and drop off for your children. Such many minute steps will definitely help you save time. You do have appointments to attend to. Think about scheduling appointments on a particular in a week. If your children are grown you can share your workload with them. This is also a method for personal time management.

Draw a Line in the Sand

Altering your lifestyle is to tackle blockades on the way. For personal time management this would amount to giving up any task that are not urgent and can be carried on later. For any task you are about to begin consider how important they are and if they can be postponed to a later date or time. If this task does not help you achieve your goals then the task can be dropped for now.

If you are ahead of your schedule, devote the extra time for a task scheduled some other day. This way you can make your days less hectic and this is excellent way for personal time management. You can live a lot more satisfied and relaxed life if you manage time efficiently. Give a try to personal time management (and try to look for some time management tips too!).

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