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by ryan on January 3, 2017

Do You Really Need a Time Management Book?



A good time management book will help you monitor the time you spend and how you spend. This way you can make your day a lot smoother. Time management books will describe in detail all the techniques to implement so as to complete all your planned tasks and still find time to enjoy in a day. If you are able to find an extra hour every day then the time management book is definitely worth every penny you have put to buy it.

Using a Time Management Book

You can track every minute of your day if you adhere to the guidelines of the book. Nevertheless, you can practice some simple rules without a time management book. A time management book will help if you are a first timer in time management.

A time management book is good item to buy for people you interact with or whose company you spend your time. A business owner would like to get better of his employees, and for them a copy of time management book would be greatly helpful. You can encourage your employees with provisions of a bonus for whoever reads the books and comes up with a time management plan.

Effective Time Management

Most time management books advise to evaluate your daily schedule. The recommendations of most of the books can be stated in brief as follows:

– Evaluate your daily schedule.
– Identify areas where in time is wasted (very important for project time management).
– Prioritize your goals
– Set targets and deadlines for achieving them.
– Finish off your tasks and never miss a deadline.

You must be wondering about the necessity of a time management book when the gist is outlined above. A time management book will make you aware of the various methodologies to implement the above steps successfully. Hence you will not only know what to do but also know how to manage time.

Many may say that a time management book cannot help one in time management as much as the real world. I don’t say you are wrong, in fact, in some respects you are correct. But contrary to common belief, experience does not work much in time management as much as knowing what works in the real world. Most of us are poor managers of time and this is precisely the reason for a huge number of management books being published every year. By practicing the lessons imparted in a time management book and the real world , you can have a distinctive advantage over the others.

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