Time Management Tips for Busy Mothers

by ryan on December 30, 2016

Management Tips for Busy Mothers



Are you struggling to cope with soccer practice, ballet lessons, and a bake sale? Are you a mom who stays and wonders why so? Are you seeking for valuable time management tips that will assist you in doing much more than what you do?

Usually, it is common for mothers to consult each other for the best time management tips. The most common response they get is prioritization. This word is simple and once you implement it to its fullest, you will be able to achieve success easily.

Make a List and Prioritize Correctly

Similar to a grocery list, prepare a ‘Things to do’ list but it is advisable to categorize them into: Must do, Should Do and Want to do. Paste this on your garage door or refrigerator or any other place where it is easily accessible. But for this time management trip to bear fruit, make sure that you categorize your tasks in a correct manner.

Must Do

Those tasks that are extremely time sensitive and would bear serious consequences if not completed within the prescribed deadline should be put into Must Do tasks. For instance, electricity bill payment or enrolling your child into preschool would be Must Do tasks, because if not carried out the electricity supply will be cut and your child will miss preschool.

Should Do

Those tasks which you ought to carry out but are not required to be done immediately are the Should Do tasks. Tasks like baking a cake for your neighbor or dusting the ceiling fans need to be done but can be delayed so as to take care of MUST DO things.

Want To Do

These are tasks that you would like to complete when you have time and after the Must Do and Should Do tasks have been done. Tasks like scrapbooking supplies, buyin shoes can be these kind of tasks. These tasks enable to devote time for yourself, whenever you find some.

Action Plan

Go through the list at least a night before so as to come up with an action plan about the next day. Check off whatever tasks you complete and this will give you a great feeling of achieving some target. This is very important especially for mothers who do not get paid and have to work selflessly throughout the week.

Prioritization is the crucial thing to do because without it you might end up forgetting to carry out the crucial task and indulge in some other trivia. For instance, you might spend you day in decoration the birthday venue and forget ordering the cake! Hence classify your to list and you will find it very easy to carry out the tasks.

This time management plan is not a magic mantra that will result in sorting out your life right away. But once you classify your tasks or in other words prioritize them , you will for sure be more productive. Everyone has his/her own tasks and priorities, so a generalized or common list is not at all possible. Many moms have actually implemented this time management tip and have been delighted with the results!

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